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Patrick Hardin

Year of birth - 1953

Training - BA, Philosophy and Psychology, University of Michigan - Flint, 1976.

First published in - The Saturday Evening Post

Year first published - 1987

Cartoons published in - Harvard Business Review, Accountancy, Forbes, Harper's, Best, Good Housekeeping and many,many others.

Exhibitions - Dewaters Art Center, GFAC Gallery, The Red Newt cartoon exhibition and many others.

Books illustrated - Darwin's Dangerous Idea, Diversity in Families, Architechture of Computer Hardware and many others.

Location - Flint, Michigan. USA

Hobbies - I like keeping up with what's new in science and current events, and I enjoy gardening, but as a cartoonist I don't have much time for hobbies.

Specific expertise - Cartooning and illustration.

Gag Cartoon

Patrick Hardin Gag Cartoon Cartoon ExamplePatrick Hardin Gag Cartoon Cartoon ExamplePatrick Hardin Gag Cartoon Cartoon Example

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