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2D Animation

Welcome to our 2D Animation portfolio page. We represent some of the animation world's most established, and 'up and coming' 2D animators around. Having worked with the largest animation houses in the world, these classic animators also have a wealth of successful, personally produced work. Whatever your requirements, from advertising, and web, to televised cartoon projects, we can find an artist to fit the bill. Click on the samples below to select an artist suitable for you, or call us to discuss your project over the phone.

Billy Allison - 2D Animation

Allison, Billy

Jack Bromhead - 2D Animation

Bromhead, Jack

Mark Davies - 2D Animation

Davies, Mark

Pierre Drysdale - 2D Animation

Drysdale, Pierre

Andrew Evans - 2D Animation

Evans, Andrew

Amin Faramarzeyan - 2D Animation

Faramarzeyan, Amin

Jerry Fuchs - 2D Animation

Fuchs, Jerry

Matt Buck - 2D Animation

Hack -Matt Buck-

Byungjin Jeon - 2D Animation

Jeon, Byungjin

Jaume Lloses - 2D Animation

Lloses, Jaume

Teensy Lo - 2D Animation

Lo, Teensy

Stella Macdonald - 2D Animation

Macdonald, Stella

Ivan Maximov  - 2D Animation

Maximov , Ivan

Diego Mera - 2D Animation

Mera, Diego

Ewen Nguyen - 2D Animation

Nguyen, Ewen

Hei Oleh - 2D Animation

Oleh, Hei

Simon Piniel - 2D Animation

Piniel, Simon

Ted Rall - 2D Animation

Rall, Ted

Simon Ralph - 2D Animation

Ralph, Simon

Reynaldo Leon - 2D Animation

Reynaldo, Leon

Ronnie Sapinoso - 2D Animation

Sapinoso, Ronnie

Dennis Sisterson - 2D Animation

Sisterson, Dennis

SpamCartoon - 2D Animation


Craig Staggs - 2D Animation

Staggs, Craig

Straandlooper - 2D Animation


Amit Tishler - 2D Animation

Tishler, Amit

Piero Tonin - 2D Animation

Tonin, Piero

Chris Voigt - 2D Animation

Voigt, Chris